Solar energy technology and its innovations

We can make better use of solar energy if we decide to educate ourselves and pass that knowledge on to future generations. Technology is growing every day, and the structures of solar panels have changed a lot compared to what these elements were a few years ago.

In addition to having more powerful devices, they are also less expensive, so they are perfect to adapt to any type of consumer, regardless of their budget.

Solar energy technology can undoubtedly change the fate of the planet and those who inhabit it. So little has been discovered and the potential is so great that we can surely enjoy this clean energy as the main energy to use in our homes and workplaces.

We are going to mention the latest innovations that are revolutionizing solar energy technology.

What are the latest developments in solar energy technology?

We are aware of the positive impact that the use of renewable energy has, as well as knowing its benefits, costs, and functionality that can make our lives easier, so also as a collective it is important to recognize the importance of using solar energy. Experts in the field are working to create a solar panel structure that can produce more energy while maintaining the same size. One which can, also, be affordable for everyone.

It is estimated that between 2010 and today there has been a reduction in the price of solar panels of up to 90%. Nevertheless, other factors have not diminished their costs, including the cost of the land to install the solar panels or labor.

Improvements of solar energy technology:

  • Increasing the cell size of the photovoltaic panel

Most solar panels are designed in ultra-refined polysilicon. The material can be made into thin sheets by combining very thin cells. Those sheets are used to make solar panels, and their composition is what gives them their shape.

There are different lines of research that are studying how the size of the cells could be increased. The efficiency of each unit would increase, while the investment in building them would be reduced. It is a good strategy for savings and self- generation of energy.

  • Bifacial solar panels

 This technology is a few years old, but it would not be until 2019 when it would start to become popular. As of 2020, countries like China were focusing their efforts on creating crystals that would be used in this type of solar panel.

In a bi-facial solar panel, the back side of the surface is able to capture solar reflections. Compared to conventional solar panels, they are more efficient.

There are two types of tempered glass: a transparent sheet and a double tempered sheet. The cells are monocrystalline or polycrystalline.

Their main feature is that they also have photovoltaic cells on the back, and this is how they could take advantage of the reflected radiation. At the same time, at the top they would take advantage of direct radiation.

  • Photovoltaic Noise Barriers

This one is a noise obstruction system that will use solar photovoltaic technology.

The goal of such a project would not only be to get renewable energy, but at the same time it could be a good system to reduce noise levels in the environment.

It is not exactly a new technology since the first photovoltaic acoustic barrier was installed in 1989 in Switzerland, however, in the last few years its use has been considered and in this way to face noise pollution.

  • Inverted polysilicon for more powerful solar panels

This technology promises to change everything from 2024 onwards, although several studies are already underway to launch it.

Everything suggests that if polysilicon panels are negatively charged, they could increase their efficiency significantly. It would be need using some kind of element to charge them negatively, so that, they would get an additional charge of electrons. Some elements that could be used, such as phosphorus, are being studied. This technology would make photovoltaic panels up to 5% more powerful.

As we know, technology advances according to the needs and financing and the truth is that the use of green energy is nowadays a goal for many, because although its cost may seem high, in the long term it will free us from a monopolized system and will allow us to obtain profits from energy generation and also guarantee the use of our own resources, without dependence and above all taking care of the planet.