Although it may sound unlikely, it is not impossible that a blackout could occur, either in your region or on a global scale. Installing solar panels will be your best option to face an event of such magnitude.

You have probably already heard the news of the great solar storm that is likely to affect the world’s power grid, so the possibility of not having enough energy supply is quite real. Global blackouts are becoming a reality due to the energy crisis currently hitting different countries of the world.

Of course, there is no exact date, however if it happens in the current decade, you should start preparing for it now.

We take care of homes and businesses to ensure complete energy security. Installing photovoltaic solar panels allows you to work with clean energy by providing greater independence, security, and peace of mind.

Governments have warned of a major blackout

In Europe, for example, many governments have spoken openly about the possible blackout on the continent. Austria has raised the alarm to its citizens recommending them to prepare for it to happen in the next 5 years.

This whole issue is also trending due to the changes that governments are seeking to transition to clean energy that can benefit the planet.

Germany, Sweden, and Finland are some of the countries that have an active role in the search for energy savings. India is the country that consumes the most electricity and is also actively fighting against climate change and taking refuge in new types of energy, such as solar electricity.

The use of photovoltaic panels has made India a leader in the use of renewable energy and in fact one-sixth of its total electricity comes from this type of energy. Thanks to these energy strategies, the country is able to provide electricity 24 hours a day. The World Bank has donated approximately $100 million to support and expand the use of solar energy.

The cost of using photovoltaics will go down

Solar power is looking to replace coal as the main source of energy in India and elsewhere in the world. 

The cost of electricity from solar PV is currently a quarter of what it was in 2009 and will cost 70% less by 2040. These are great news as self-consumption will become a low-cost reality.

What are the consequences of a global blackout?

The consequences of an event of this magnitude go beyond just running out of electricity. In other words, a blackout could seriously disrupt telecommunications, the functioning of a city, ATMs, parallel to causing panic, shortages and affect everything involved in our daily lives.

Fuel or drinking water would also be affected, and due to the use of electric stoves, many will have to make do as they can and resort to the use of firewood or gas. As a result, food placed in the fridge must be consumed as soon as possible, as a lot of food will thaw and become damaged.

How to secure electrical power in the event of a global blackout?

Many countries have already experienced severe blackouts, so it is never a bad idea to prepare and ensure the energy supply of your home, business and industry.

It is necessary to have something more useful and powerful than candles or flashlights because a global blackout can destabilize economies, people’s everyday lives; it is a must to have power 24/7 to avoid being affected.

Our best defense is to be forewarned, here are a few recommendations for you:

  • It is important to have drinking water since the supply may be cut off due to the blackout. We recommend you keep bottles, containers of several liters as much as you can store.
  • A well-stocked pantry is vital; it is necessary to have non-perishable products such as canned food, dried fruits and nuts and food that do not require cooking.
  • It will be very useful to have cash on hand, as you will probably need it. 
  • You should have some extra alternative for heating food or cooking, so you could look for stoves or matches or even build a wood stove.
  • It is always important to have flashlights, candles, radios, and batteries.
  • Have a first aid kit containing soap, iodine, alcohol, burn ointment, basic medicines, bandages, adhesive, etc.
Emergency solar energy

In the event of power outages that last from minutes to hours or days, it is best to have a system of photovoltaic panels that includes backup or emergency power.

The panels and your system are connected independently, so when a power outage occurs, it can be fully operational.

Contact us to have solar panels and always be prepared.