Renewable energy with solar panels can give us a cleaner alternative that is inexhaustible and free. And, if we decide to make the change, we can benefit from light and heat at a reasonable cost. 

New trends point to a serious need to care for the environment. The use of solar panels is undoubtedly a decisive agent of change, to leave behind the waste of energy that is so harmful to the planet and is also very expensive.


Solar energy and a sustainable world

The climate crisis has forced us to embrace new actions that can help us to reduce our environmental impact. One of these actions is to rely on renewable energies, such as solar energy, instead of fossil fuels.

Solar energy, produced by light -photovoltaic energy- or the sun’s heat -thermosolar- to get electricity or produce heat, is a type of energy that is inexhaustible and easily accessed through panels and mirrors.


Solar panels help the use of solar energy.

Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight into electricity through the photoelectric effect, by which certain materials are capable of absorbing photons (light particles) and release electrons generating an electric current. 

There are solar thermal collectors, which use panels or mirrors to absorb and concentrate solar heat, transfer it to a fluid, and conduct it through pipes which can also help in the production of electricity (solar thermoelectric).


What resources can we obtain from solar energy?

The sun is an infinite source of energy for our planet and it can be used in a plethora of ways to improve the quality of our life.

The sun provides heat, which, if harnessed by mirrors, can concentrate on a receiver and reach temperatures as high as 1,000 ºC. The heat can be used to produce steam by heating a fluid. The steam eventually drives a turbine and produces electricity. Solar thermal collectors use panels or mirrors to absorb and concentrate solar heat, transfer it to a fluid and pipe it to buildings and facilities.

It provides light that is converted into electricity through photovoltaic solar panels. Photovoltaic panels convert light (photons) into electrical energy (electrons).


What is Passive Solar Energy?

Solar thermal and photovoltaic energy use different technologies to gather and process the sun’s energy – this is what we call active solar energy

We can collect this energy passively, without the need for any mechanism to collect and process it.

Passive solar energy is mainly gathered through bioclimatic architecture: The design of buildings using different materials and orientations which manages to use the energy captured during the day to keep the building warm at night, or avoid excessive heat during peak sun hours. 

Although this may seem very modern and technological, in reality it is one of the oldest ways of taking advantage of solar energy: Adapting buildings to the climatology of the area to achieve perfect climate control at all times.


What is renewable energy?

Renewable energies are the future, as fossil fuels are running out. Renewable energies are the cleanest and most environmentally friendly alternatives when it comes to generating light and electricity.

We find them in the environment, but unlike other resources such as coal, oil or gas, they are not limited or at least we can find them in great abundance. The sun or wind are raw materials for renewable energies (photovoltaic and wind), although there are many ways to obtain clean and green energy.


Is renewable energy important?

As in any process of change, the incorporation of renewable energies into our lives must be carried out gradually, and with the awareness that they are a source of improvement in the quality of life for everyone.


Clean energy vs. polluting energy

Traditional energy sources emit polluting gases and radioactive waste harmful to health and the environment. Renewable energies are clean and non invasive to nature. This is a key reason to commit to green energy. In this way, we contribute to not promoting energies that generate CO2 and other harmful gases and waste. 

It is just a small gesture that allows us to fight to displace polluting energies and promote renewable energies.


Some of the most important reasons to start using renewable energy are:

Some of the following reasons might seem obvious and you probably already know them. However, it is also important for people to debunk some of what they might have thought about renewal energies such as the belief that these energies are more expensive. Fortunately, technology is advancing rapidly, and gradually these types of systems will be accessible to everyone. A few key reasons to start using renewable energies are:

  • They combat climate change by reducing pollution on the planet. 
  • Thanks to these energies, people farther away from urban centers have access to water, gas, or electricity that does not come from conventional sources.
  • They save natural resources, generate fewer greenhouse gases and also generate less waste
  • Renewable energies are safe, as they do not pose any risk to people or the environment.
  • They are inexhaustible energy sources, unlike coal or oil, which cannot be replenished.
  • Their cost is predictable since they do not allow market speculation as they are inexhaustible.
  • They are autochthonous and this means being independent of importing fossil fuels from other countries.
  • Eventually, the savings generated by clean energies can be much greater than those of other energies.

As consumers, we must start the change towards renewable energy as soon as possible, since our decision can benefit everyone and everything.

We are committed to offering a product that can help you to make the most of renewable energy. Solar panels are a great step towards a sustainable future. We would be privileged to take that step with you!